This game was make for the Pizza Jam 3.

The game is pretty simple : you just have to survive as long as you can.

The theme was :

" Use the title of one of these games on this list to inspire your game.
Ignore what the actual game is about. Base it entirely on the name! "

Controls : 

 In the menu :

   - x : start

 In game:

   - up : jump

   - x : return to the menu   

   - w/z/o : restart


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It's not a difficult game in that it doesn't require any special skills from the player. It's more of an endurance game, you could play this for days, if you had the endurance to do so. With the lack of music, the game almost like presses you to make a mistake. I don't know who the giant running after you is, but they act as a clever way to implement lives for our main character.

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