Your objective is very simple : survive one minute.

This is the first game I make with pico-8 !

The game has no music because I didn't have time to make one.

Controls :

In defend mode :

  - x : choose

  - c : change mode (shop or edit the defense )

In attack mode :

  -x : explode mines

  -c : electrocute the zombies

In the whole game :

  - arrows to move

A suggestion, a bug ? Leave a comment.


minute_apocalypse.p8.png 15 kB


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This honestly, is such a fantastic game! I loved it!

A few notes however;
- Having the keyboard controls in the "controls" would have made things a bit easier, since I forgot to look on the page.
- An endless round where you have a set amount of money (eg, $250) and must survive through a continuous set of waves would have been awesome. i know this is just a game jam, but it could be so much more.

Regardless, awesome game; great work; and thanks for creating this!